ACQUISITIONS – WHAT WE PURCHASE is a boutique real estate firm involved in the secondary market. We specialize in non-performing commercial & residential mortgages which are purchased in bulk from sellers of many kinds. We then proceed to rehabilitate each mortgage and place back on the market in portfolios or selling them off individually to investors.

We purchase pools of loans ranging from $500,000 to $50 million, from a vast network of sellers including hedge funds, investment banks, hard money lenders, commercial banks, regional banks, community banks, and direct owners of mortgage pools.

We work closely with direct sellers and we do work with brokers who are direct to owners of mortgage pools. Our doors are always open for new opportunities and relationships as the market and technology changes the face of the industry. Every day, we strive to fulfill our obligations to existing lenders who supply us with consistent business flow and our objective is to meet new professionals and become their source when they need to sell portfolios of non-performing mortgage product. Our combined experience as well as current technology allows us to resolve client’s needs efficiently and with confidence when it comes time to clear the books. We are interested in purchasing the following:

  • Portfolios from $500,000 up to $50 million in bulk transactions
  • Commercial non-performing mortgages with average asset value of a minimum of $2 million
  • Residential non-performing mortgages with average asset value of a minimum of $200,000
  • Non-performing mortgages with (30) or more days delinquency (non-payment
  • Performing and re-performing mortgages
  • First and second lien mortgages
  • Challenging Portfolios



To sell any bulk mortgage pools to, it usually takes between 15 to 20 days once the mortgage pool is submitted to us. What happens during this process is outlined below:

  • The seller completes our online web form below and submits for consideration
  • The seller uploads their asset tape or can use ours to fill out. The Residential Tape can be downloaded TheCapitalDesk – Residential Tape v1.2
  • A Senior Underwriter is assigned to complete the review process
  • Within (3) business days the seller is contacted with our interest response
  • If the decision is to proceed to purchase the assets, we will submit paperwork to show interest and seller transfers complete set of files supporting assets and we begin the due diligence process
  • Within (7) business days we will contact the seller to inform of any document issues or missing items and will prepare to submit final bid on the mortgage pool
  • The final bid is awarded and any arrangements are agreed upon
  • Contract is sent for review and acceptance
  • Loan servicing company is assigned
  • Pre-closing phase is completed and the seller provides account information for wire transfer
  • Closing occurs and finalizes (Post closing involves transfer of all available original paperwork)



Financial Institutions and Banks have a variety of responsibilities and may not always have the protection of the FDIC. and partners have the ability to evaluate industry needs to assist lenders with balance sheet needs. This can simply mean purchasing entire balance sheets of non-accrual or non-performing assets, providing capital coverage to the institution, or offering financing to the institutions clients who have been offered a discounted payoff on their maturing note.

We continue to reach out to offer support to investment banks, commercial banks, hard money lenders, warehouse lenders, regional & community banks, individual investors and specialty  finance companies all face challenges with their borrowers. We offer help during those times.