About TheCapitalDesk.com

We are focused on providing capital solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. We are a direct commercial real estate advisory boutique firm. Capital is placed from prominent institutional investors into businesses, middle market distressed commercial real estate, and stabilized multifamily commercial real estate investments. We structure capital solutions in ways many conventional lenders cannot. This allows us to help business owners and sponsors grow their portfolio quickly because they are offered speed and assurance of funding. Our goal is to deploy capital consistently into your needs and opportunities.



We believe the private money lending business should be delivered to our clients in a simple way. The easier it is for someone to understand us and our process, the simpler it is for them to make the decisions that help to achieve their plans. Our emphasis is focused on the borrower and what they can do now, not entirely on their past. Every opportunity and project is evaluated to make sure our client’s profit is secured and their plan is sound. If any transaction shows signs of serious risk, we will let you know. If high risk is involved, we may be able to offer ways to structure and make it profitable. If we wouldn’t put our personal money into a deal, we won’t risk investor capital either. Each transaction must make sense and have an alignment of interest for all parties.



We are a multi-strategy private equity firm based in Nashville, TN. Beginning in 2011, we have grown to develop many relationships with institutions, family offices, private lenders, and other capital sources. We focus on investments in consumer distressed debt portfolios, small business merchant cash advances, distressed mortgages, bridge financing, hard money lending, and stabilized multi-family commercial real estate.



TheCapitalDesk.com was founded by Brady Burba in 2015. He is experienced in the capital markets and investing which began in 2004 as a private stock, options, and foreign currency trader. After the passing of his parents almost 10 years ago, he became aware of the disruptive process of foreclosure. This was the beginning of his real estate investing.  He began as a rehabber who learned all aspects of the residential real estate investment industry. Various businesses have been owned out of this journey which include: RaleVestor LLC, TN Property Solutions LLC, and RENAH Solutions (Real Estate Notes And Housing).

Forward to 2011, many relationships have developed allowing us to partner with discretionary capital hedge funds in commercial real estate. The funds provide short-term bridge loans in commercial real estate. Since then, more and more access to investment capital is available and offered to our clients.

In 2016, we began seeing more clients need help in areas unassociated with commercial real estate. Because of this, a decision was made to find a solution and offer Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Funding. Our partners invest capital into these niches through its direct internal funding programs. Small and medium sized businesses now have access to funding through advances based on their revenue.



As a capital provider, we depend on marketing and deal flow every single day. Our hope is to attract the client’s we can help. When a business or investor seeks capital and we do not have a program for them, it’s our responsibility locate a capital source who can. Our network of private lenders is the exact answer to this growing and diverse need for funding. We have a growing list of lenders who want to do business today and fund your deals!