Bridge & Hard Money Financing

Fix and Flip/Bridge Loans allow an experienced real estate professional the ability to close more deals and worry less about the qualification process, the terms, and interest rate they will qualify for. is a direct commercial real estate advisory boutique firm. We place capital from prominent institutional investors (high net worth families, individuals and family offices) into middle market real estate investments. Don’t let this statement fool you. If you have a deal, we will work with you to structure any transaction so you close the deal and make money.

Because of our ability to structure capital solutions such as fix and flip financing in ways conventional lenders cannot, we can help rehabbers and investors quickly grow and develop a real estate portfolio. You can be assured of quick funding, competitive rates, and confidence when you work with us. Our goal is to deploy capital constantly into your opportunities.

We have direct access to millions of dollars for fixing and flipping properties. This means nothing if we do not have the right clients to lend it to.

The better the interest rate and terms of a loan the more you will be able to keep. wants the opportunity to help fund all of your transactions and to do this, we have to offer several things. We will have to offer superior services to evaluate your transaction, speed to ensure your loan gets closed on time, and we must acquire the best rates available that make sense.

We help to structure a capital solution for your specific opportunity. Fix and flip financing through means you will be able to purchase an asset, make the improvements or repairs and gives you assurance of funding. Being confident you can make an offer, get a property under contract, and know the money is available for your deal means you can write your ticket to wealth. We primarily offer short-term bridge financing with efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism.

Because of our ability to source capital, our access to capital allows us to offer bridge or hard money financing. Hard money financing is a loan on a non-owner occupied property, focused on the asset, not the borrower. Bridge financing allows the borrower access to capital at better rates because of their experience and their credit stability. The financially stronger rehabber will be approved for the best of both worlds. The borrower receives funds that are secured by real property and the capital is issued by private investors, companies and institutions.

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STATES AVAILABLE:  If we do not use our own capital, we are direct to many private capital funds. Based on the location of the asset, matching the best fund with your needs will determine what can be offered to you. We offer bridge & hard money financing in many states throughout the United States. Because of changes in the capital markets, we suggest that you contact us to ensure we can provide a solution for you. Please Submit Contact Form by Clicking Here or Call 855-729-2880

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