The current conditions in the commercial real estate market have created an extraordinary opportunity for high-yield investments. is uniquely positioned to capitalize on any current market condition and any future changes that will occur. We have an excellent track record in post-credit crisis environments and an industry-leading operational team.

Fundamentals in commercial real estate have remained strong even with slowing multifamily growth. Every area and sector will see attraction, expansion, and contraction which usually has an underlying core of jobs and job growth. Because every city and community across the United States will conform to market cycles, we know there are times to invest in areas and times to take profits and move on to the next location.

With our continuous development of technology, marketing, and relationships with industry professionals, there are few times when we are not contacted for an opportunity and deal flow is consistent.

We partner with a variety of investors which include:

  • Institutional Investors
  • Smaller Pension Funds
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Family Offices
  • Endowments

Everyone who invests their capital have one thing in common… everyone wants meaningful yields on their investments. Many who work with us were seeking high yields in mainstream investments that pose high volatility and risk such as high-yield bonds, equity investments in REITs, and other opportunities. Eventually they realized these investments mentioned do not provide much control or safety in times of redirection. As a result, investors and beneficiaries can be put at risk.

Our strategy is focused on alternatives within the fixed income class that can provide higher yields with more control and less risk. We offer a unique network of industry contacts and sourcing ability to put capital into actual deals that make sense and help investors reach their profit goals. We invite you to join us as we realize the profit potential of our timely investment strategies.


* We’re happy to discuss investment opportunities with you via phone or in person. Alternative investments entail substantial risks and may not be suitable for all investors.